Located in the West End of Glasgow, within walking distance of Partick Railway Station, and subway, Amara Essence offers spa, holistic & beauty therapies to the discerning client. The warmth of the African inspired decor captures the natural treasures and culture of the continent. A true sanctuary of luxury and tranquility.

Our professional therapists offer a warm welcome into our private and secluded spa area, where exotic rituals have been created to stimulate the senses, soothe and rejuvenate.

A unique place where the senses are awakened with calm settings, a scent of aromatic oils and the captivating soft light of flickering candles. Amara Essence is reminiscent of the eternal essence of life. Close your eyes and imagine a time of discoveries and cultural treasures in a wonderful setting, where brown, sand and red ochre colours combine with soft drapes take you back to a time when life was lived at a slower pace......
Imagine being revitalised by a soothing massage whilst relaxing on a heated massage bed.  Reducing tension enhances the quality of our lives.  Discover a place where stress reduction and relaxation are more than just a luxury, but a way of life .... a place where your dreams become reality....close to home...yet secluded.    At Amara Essence our entire environment is devoted to your ultimate relaxation experience.  Amara Essence guarantees that our therapists' knowledge of face and body care ensure an experience of pure relaxation from the moment you arrive.  They will massage away your stress and pamper you with food for body and soul!  Our objective of guest satisfaction will leave your body feeling rejuvenated after a royal treatment of spa and beauty therapies. 
Or to find that perfect gift to delight a special someone, surprise them with a gift certificate to this Oasis of Pampering.  We look forward to greeting you and welcome you to our haven of Peace and Tranquility.

Rachel Mcinally,
10 May 2018, 22:44